Your MOI Panama hat is made of 100%  Toquilla straw. Toquilla straw is a flexible yet strong natural material but you should handle your hat with care.

  • Don’t get your hat wet or hold it by the crown, as this will possibly crack or lose it’s shape. 
  • In case your hat gets wet let the hat dry naturally on a flat surface.
  • To reshape your Hat place a white soft cloth on the brim and iron using low heat. You can also use steam for reshaping your hat by hand.
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth with mild soap to remove any stains or marks. 
  • The best way to travel with your hat is to wear it or carry in your Moi Panama Hat box.
  • We don’t recommend packing your hat inside your suitcase.
  • Do not fold or roll to maintain your hat’s original and perfect shape.
  • Do not leave your hat exposed to the sun in the back of your car, next to a window or in any other closed atmosphere.



You MOI Ready to wear garments are delicately handmade 

Only wash as needed,  not only will you save water and detergent, your clothes will last way longer. Next time you don’t do laundry in a while, you’re not being lazy you’re just being carefull for your clothes and the environment =)

We recommend not to use the washer and dryer machine! Wash your garments it with cold water and gentle soap. Do not hung your clothes in direct sunlight 

Do not use Iron, steaming machine is more gentle with fabrics.



Spot clean with damp water and gentle soap